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Alan Scott PlotkinAlan Scott Plotkin is founder of Virgo Digital Recording Studios. Alan began working with music technology at the age of 7 when his father (Sound-For-Film Engineer Mitchell Plotkin) gave him a splicing block, a razor blade and a lesson on audio tape editing. At age 12 he set up his first home studio where he was actually recording and mixing music.

After High School at age 16, he began his professional career working at New York's prestigious MEDIASOUND Recording Studios (where Aerosmith, The Grateful Dead, Peter Frampton, Luther Vandross, Lena Horne, etc recorded.). From there, he went on to work at The Record Plant (where John Lennon, Meatloaf, Ozzy Osborne, KISS, etc. recorded). From there, he began his career as an independent engineer where he has recorded at The HIT FACTORY, ELECTRIC LADY, SOUND ON SOUND and many other well-known studios. He then became Chief Engineer at Long Island's legendary Music Palace Recording Studio - engineering artists such as Vanessa Williams, Ice Cube, Public Enemy and many others.

Besides Production and Engineering, Alan plays Guitar, Drums, Bass and Keyboards as well as composing for many artists in various styles. He has performed on many records ("Public Enemy's-"Fear Of A Black Planet", Rampage's "The Last Boyscout", to name a few!)

After the birth of his daughter Lindsay - he divided his time between project management for various Fortune-500 companies (IBM, American Express, Estee Lauder, Warner Bros., etc.) performing duties as a Senior Systems Engineer and project manager for various large technical projects and producing and engineering new artists.

In 1999, Virgo Recording Studios was born. Located in his Valley Stream, NY home as a private, project-based studio. After many requests, he moved the studio to a commercial space and opened to the public.



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