Virgo Studios

"True sonic clarity, comfort & ease-of-use"

Click here for a virtual tour of Virgo StudiosOur Monitoring array includes: Roger Quested Tri-Amped Speaker System, Yamaha NS-10M Studio, KRK-V6 and Optimus monitors-all mounted on cement block to give you a focused, realistic and solid sound that sounds as hot in the house as it did when it left our control room.

Studio "A" features a custom Mackie 16 Buss Series — 64 Input with (2) Mackie LM-3204 submixers. This provides us with over 280 patchable returns on Mixdown. ProTools 6.4 with Digi-002/Digi-001 and Protools with 882/IO and (2) DSP Farm Cards with tons of Plug-in's to choose from-makes tracking and mixing a dream. Pro-Tools and Midi Programming are viewed on a 19" and dual 19" Monitors.

Our Tom Hidley Designed Studio "B" features a SSL G-Series console custom modified with a FM Acoustics Pre-Ampifier, Kinoshita 4-V Monitoring System, (2) FM Acoustics 801A class A power amplifiers, (2) Studer A-820 24-tracks, Studer A-820 1/2" 2-track. Studio B's live room is spacious enough to accomodate an orchestra!

An un-paralleled selection of Outboard and Midi Gear places Virgo Studios at the forefront of professional recording studios. Equipment from Lexicon, Manley Quantec, Tubetech, Summit, Urei, TC Electronics, DBX, Akai, Roland, EMU and other great manufacturers find their home in our control room.

"Powerful & Flexible"

Every piece of gear in Ccontrol Room "A" is normalled and feeds our Normalled Patchbay Matrix. You don't need to make a patch to instantly hear one of the thousands of effects, sounds, samples and loops we have on hand. A Studio 64XTC provides ProTools with SuperWord Clock and SMPTE for frame-accurate lock-up with all equipment in the control room.

"The tools you need-when you need them."

You'll find our Control Rooms spacious and open...Flexibility and ease — ALL at your fingertips.

"The difference between good enough & Great!"

Our Midi setup consists of the wildest to the classic. We searched for most interesting pieces we could find to bring you an AWESOME selection! Our virtual Synth's/Samplers include: Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus, PhatMatic Pro, ESX-24 and Sample Cell to name a few. This makes programming un-forgettable. Our G4 (Dual 1.25 GHZ/2 Gigs Ram/4-120 Gig HD's) makes sure you work quickly and hassle-free. With over 8 Terabytes of Samples to choose from, you'll never leave without the EXACT sound you were looking for!

Studio "B" consists of an SSL G-Series Console custom modified with a FM acoustics preamp. 2-Studer A820 24 tracks give you that "classic" analog warmth. 48-channel Protools HD System is the ultimate for digital tracking, overdubs and mixing. Outboard and Preamps by Neve, Manley, Lexicon, Focusrite and API (to name a few) make this room perfect for large, long-term projects.


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